• May 29, 2024

How do you evaluate the movie Chili Maruko-Chan: Boy from Italy?

Maruko has always been in my heart the future Mrs. Hangar.

Finally, I went to the cinema to watch a cartoon. There were no realistic special effects or refreshing plot, but Maruko-Chan might be in love, so I chose to watch this movie.

In my heart, Maruko-Chan has always been the future Mrs. Hualon, because Hualon is very good to her, Hualon likes her very much, Hualon calls her baby, Hualon is willing to buy delicious food for her, Hualon will bring Maruko-Chan unique souvenirs when traveling, even grandpa said, If you want to sleep in a comfortable foreign bed, it will be good to marry Hualon in the future, mom, teacher, Everyone thinks Maruko and Hana group are the best match.

He arranged for Andre to live in Maruko’s home. He was very simple in heart. He never worried that Maruko would fall in love with someone else, but he just wanted Maruko to be happy. Andre and Maruko’s relationship has grown by leaps and bounds, even beyond their childhood sweetheart.

Maruko did not know why Maruko liked her, just as she did not know why the flower wheel liked her. At the end of the parting, Maruko gave Maruko his grandfather’s treasure, a bottle opener from the gas room. Maruko was flattered, but what I want to say is that, the flower wheel is just as good for you! Flower Wheel will bring Maruko a bottle of the most beautiful beach sand when she travels abroad. For Flower Wheel, all the best things should be given to Maruko.

At the end of the story, Maruko-Chan and Andre did not have anything beyond friendship, but just missed and gave up the foreign country. They held hands tightly in the crowd, which really touched my girly heart at that time. However, I felt that the relationship between Maruko-Andre and Maruko-Chan was just like two exotic people attracted to each other. Even if we meet in the vast sea of people in the future, they are also the best friends, but the Maruko in my heart will always belong to the flower wheel.

When was the last time I saw Chili Maruko-Chan? Probably when I was in primary school, why am I so obsessed with Maruko-Chan? The theme of my mobile phone is Maruko-Chan, because I was thinking, Maruko-Chan may represent the pure and innocent childhood of each of us, warm family, with the best partner to accompany them, the people around are pure and lovely, Maruko-Chan may be the embodiment of the child in our heart, and flower wheel is the ideal partner that everyone dreams of. Andrei is the confidant who can never be replaced in our heart. It is a little bitchy to say, but in my heart, Maruko will understand why Anuran likes her and why Anuran is good to her. Just like she finally understands that Andrei is actually a good person

In my mind, the most perfect future ending, maybe is a long time later, Maruko and Huron together, they got married when Andre came to Japan, I would like to express my deepest wishes.

Maruko-Chan has always been stupid. Her stupidity is not only that she can’t do math problems, but also that she is so stupid that she can’t even feel the meticulous care of the flower wheel. I think when Maruko-Chan becomes mentally mature one day, she will understand that the flower wheel loves her deeply and the flower wheel is the best.

And I, as a flower who has been waiting for so long without results; it’s time to let my Maruko pursue true love, but also to give myself a way out.



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