• May 29, 2024

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 1, released in 1995, was a Disney-Pisa collaboration that changed people’s understanding of traditional animation. 1995 is an iconic decade, as Toy Story was the first time CG technology became technically dominant in animated films. With the help of new computer technology, Toy Story expanded the space for the production and presentation of animated films. The innovation of 3D production technology, as well as the humanistic care of storyboarding, has reached a new height. Among them, the technological means to promote the evolution and development of film and television culture, intriguing.

In Toy Story 1, Woody the cowboy is Andy’s favorite toy, until Buzz Light-year, a new photoelectric toy, takes Woody’s place.

Through Toy Story 2, we discover that Woody, the cowboy sheriff, represents an outdated, hand-operated toy that can only exclaim “There’s a snake in my boots!” It’s a cliché. The electro-optical Buzz Light-year is a cutting-edge, new toy, complete with high-tech buttons, superpowers and radio communication. So as representatives of old and new toy forces, there’s bound to be plenty of drama between them.

The story begins with meaning but sense. The relationship between the toy and the owner, the process of being spoiled and abandoned, so that this little toy has penetrated the life of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, love and hate In Toy Story 2, cute cowboy toys used to be the little girl’s favorite, but the little girl grew up, she began to care about other things, toys on the table began to be replaced by cosmetics, have the excitement and sadness of first love, go out to study, move, later have to get married, honeymoon, childhood toys will no longer be the object of her concern, can only lie under the bed gathering dust, Or sold to a garage sale. This episode is tear-jerking and thought-provoking.

Childhood toys, used to be our side partner, emotional comfort, and we have to grow up, more and more away from childhood toys, this is inevitable. For us, toys are just a part of childhood; But in the toy, it’s just us, and its whole world is just us. The value of the existence of toys, not for themselves, “you are a toy, you have a master, to accompany the master side this is the mission of the toy to obey. They belong to their possessor, their children, and never betray. The attitude towards toys, by contrast, is much more shameful. Toys are irreplaceable in children’s childhood, and childhood affects our whole life. Therefore, this wonderful story about toys, toys of emotion, become very real, profound, full of humanistic significance.

As a result, in the imaginative space provided by the cartoon Toy Story 2, we have changed the way we think about everyday toys. A TOY, a toy, is no longer just a toy; it is no longer a random object in our real life. The life of toys, the love and hate of toys, the games of toys and the story of toys provide us with more dynamic factors to observe the things around us. When we watch movies, we change the concept of understanding objects (toys), and therefore change our cultural thinking set. For all the effects Toy Story evokes, its Revelations are undoubtedly profound and thrilling.

Toy Story director and screenwriter John Rust has given children around the world a living, breathing presence to toys. It’s a great idea for a genre. And technological progress and the burst of imagination, so that many toy story performance incisively and vividly.



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