• May 29, 2024

I’m Jiang Xiaobai

At the beginning of watching this cartoon, the slow narrative technique caused the plot to drag a little, the climax of the story is not obvious to come and go quickly, the audience is not easy to immerse in the plot. In addition to the scene of exquisite characters slightly stiff appearance and the movement of frame drop also let the audience feel uncomfortable.

Although the shortcomings of I Am Jiang Xiaobao are obvious, I think it will be hard for the anime to lose its audience. The writers have a lot of imagination, a lot of foreshadowing, and the ending of each episode is just right. But the most important thing is that I Am Jiang Xiaobao is concerned with the audience taking the initiative to make up for their own shortcomings, and the problems on the characters are basically past tense.

“I am Jiang Xiaobai” is supposed to get some advertising sponsorship money. The ads in the third episode, which aired this week, are too obvious, such as the Bolson in a convenience store that buys food for stray cats, and the subway footage of two giant billboards for a boutique. As a literary and artistic style of animation, the insertion of blunt advertising this kind of commercial measures should be taboo for the production staff, but for the audience’s viewing experience the production group or low head.

Some of you may wonder, “Since they all bowed their heads, why not change the narrative?”

The inflexible narrative technique is not stubborn, but because I Am Jiang Xiaobai is positioned as an animation toward literature and art. Catering to the fast pace of the market to stimulate conflicts and collisions is not what they want, but to provide excellent works for the audience is their mission. This is not my personal speculation, but the producers themselves said; in the anime there is a dialogue about whether to stop the novel is a pun.

“The Glass House” has only been serialized for three weeks, and as a little refreshing content, it’s a slow burner on its own. I think the lack of popularity at this stage is normal. Finally, speaking of readers’ taste and market demand, we are Winching magazine. I would like to remind myself and everyone that our mission is to provide readers with more and better works, not just to cater to the market.

“I Am Jiang Xiaobai” was serialized for three weeks, and the novel “The Glass House” mentioned in the cartoon was also three weeks, which is definitely not a coincidence. It is just that the production company is telling its story at 2:10. Nowadays, people and things are too impetuous, and we lack the spirit of craftsmanship and feelings. The plot of “I am Jiang Xiaobai” clearly shows feelings, and the exquisite carving of the picture is the embodiment of the spirit of craftsmanship. “I am Jiang Xiaobai” is not only to tell the story; it in cleansing our soul, this animation is a lofty sense of social responsibility!

Although the intention is very good, the connotation is profound, but the joke should also be fun!

The heroine took the cat she met as a stray cat back home. This kitten is certainly not a stray cat, the hair on the body is flawless with exquisite bow, and this look is to run out! How crazy is it to take this home and raise it for yourself? Don’t you want to help find the owner? The cat and the heroine a meal of grace intimate, this is not in line with the character of the cat this animal ah, stray dogs are not so!

In the clip of memories in high school, Mu Xiyu said she liked singer Cu Wei, and then she played and sang in the qi festival. Not to mention that the guitar came out of the blue, do you like Cu Wei and sing one of his songs? How can you sing Fly? I was ready to sing along to The Blue Lotus… I think it is not difficult to ask Mr. Cu Wei to authorize it.

That’s it! Now let’s get to the big question — the heroine’s real name!

I have done a wave of reasoning in the second episode, I found that all the clues are deliberately revealed by the screenwriter, reasoning out of the answer is quite terrible, turned a youth love animation directly into a bloody love history, really should the title “Who” makes me want to shout “who are you!”

This week’s third episode of the scriptwriting seems to be overdoing it, leaving a clear clue that the heroine’s true identity can be easily inferred, she is Mu Ixia.

The heroine said a sentence “I met Xiao Bai”, with a slightly sad tone. Tong from Jiang Xiaobai is like, if the heroine is tong from, this time should be happy. Even if a good friend died talking to himself to meet his friend again should not be simple sadness, should be excited accompanied by sadness.

Is not tong from that is Mu Ixia? I speculate tong died, Mu Ixia tong from the name used as a pseudonym, after returning home she saw Jiang Xiaobai memories of high school and friends died sad, at the same time also with some apologies, because Mu Ixia like Jiang Xiaobai. Picked up the cat named Xiao Bai and some old people give pet children nickname practice is very similar, the old man is because of the lack of care in the heart cannot express, Mu Ixia is love in the heart mouth, on the one hand is the white don’t remember her on the other hand is feeling sorry friends.

Disturb my reasoning before the main factor is tong and Mu Ixia from the eye color, hair color appearance, dubbing personnel table. The heroine’s pupil color and tong from the same, but the character and Mu Xiyu approximate, appearance is close to Mu Xiyu, dubbing and tong from.

Now it makes sense to comb through it. Dubbing actors may be in order to control costs, in the dubbing of the heroine and tong from the tone is not the same, do not look at the dubbing table cannot hear is a person.

There’s also a way to make sense of the character. First said not too reliable, Mu Xiyu once pupil color is on behalf of the immature, now after ten years of experience deep eyes become deep with dark performance. A reliable inference is that most film and television works involving memories will add a filter to the picture, I Am Jiang Xiaobai is also very likely to operate in this way, so Mu Xiyu eye color and hair color when she was in high school are much lighter.

The episode ends with the heroine going to the bookstore again and the hero going to the bookstore. Based on the literary style and the slow progress of the plot, I guess the official identity of the heroine will not be revealed in the fourth episode. Let’s just wait, because there’s only one truth.

As an aside, in fact, I am very similar to Jiang Xiaobai. When I was in high school, my Chinese score was also one of the top two. I also wore half glasses. But I don’t have a girl.

Animation comes from life and art processing, “I am Jiang Xiaobai” this processing is a little too much. Assuming the anime doesn’t change too much, and then I should have a girl, if not two?! Also, I’m not a black bass player. Boy Bullet bass wants a girlfriend?



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