• May 29, 2024

Silver soul

Some of the comments are very interesting ~ Silver soul is originally a joke ~ have fun with other unsatisfactory and how? I would like to ask the silver soul meal ~ Silver soul is a joke? Is that all the silver Soul has to do? Is it just because of his teasing that attracts us to the Silver Soul? I know that many people will follow suit when the Silver Soul comes out. Maybe in their eyes, the silver soul is really just teasing. Because they have not paid attention to the most exciting part of the silver soul and the reason why there are so many fans of the silver soul. A lot of comments said that we laugh a lot of people ah, the laugh point is really poor people ~ I think, the most important thing is not to make me laugh, is to make people laugh and cry, make people cry and laugh. Absurd ridicule and funny scenes interspersed with the true feelings of each character, is the heart of each character and the author. Ask everyone, you can reply in the comment section, this movie really moved you, really let you feel the bond between characters and feelings, if not, please think about this is really the silver soul we want, is it really the silver soul we like.

As the original party, first of all, from beginning to end, I can see that it is much restored. Every scene is restored with special effects. This work takes Red Sakura as the script, and even the final scene of Red Sakura falling into the sea is restored. But to be honest, I didn’t see the sincerity of the director for this film.

Restore, is indeed very restore, copy the animation does not make changes to restore, the script in order to let the real selection group debut, the final surprise high shirt changed to the real selection group, this is good, meet all kinds of original meal, but that’s all. There are a few good points, such as the parody of Xia Yak Triple Speed, Demon Fruit, and some real life memes, which are really fun. But in other aspects, I really don’t see the production team’s respect for the blockbuster film, nor do I see the creator’s sincerity to the audience. A lot of words, the tone of speech, only with some animation exaggerated action and unrealistic scenes, the effect will be unusually good, and copying is inevitable full of embarrassment. The actors invited are excellent Japanese actors, acting must be passed, but in this work, in order to “restore”, in order to exaggerate, it is very awkward. Like Hashimoto Hone, it is an idol; acting inferior is not good to spray. But like Na, who plays Akko to the island, Okada, who plays the wig, and many old actors, in their respective film and television works are very good performance, but in this work, it seems like a new actor who can’t act.

Talk about play again, in the press conference, it is Xiao Li ten days from South Korea invited professional team. Sorry, so naive, so simple movement design, I can’t imagine professional team design. When two people are fighting passionately, one second is still face to face, and the next second a person runs to the back, which is a common action scene design in anime, but in the movie, this is not logical, will make people look at the baffling. This can also be regarded as the director’s carelessness. When designing the shot, he copied the animation storyboard without realizing that this is a movie. The whole action part of the movie makes it look like you’re in a stage costume (smile). In the Yoshi and Okada Sakes battle, completely like anime gave the iron brother a long time to “explain” the battle of two people. “His movements are no longer human!” The next second it switches to two people fighting, normal fighting, how is this not like human action?? “Don’t you. This man is growing faster than Sakura?” The next second, it’s the same fight as before. I’m sorry, but I can’t accept that.

The same surreal battle in the original is reproduced perfectly in the film. As a film, the story is complete, the narrative is smooth, and the emotional foundation is in place. As a film, on the basis of restoring the original, the film has made some improvements suitable for the film, no matter the plot or character setting, which can be appreciated by ordinary audiences. It’s acceptable to the original party. Finally, the three parts of the wanderer Jinxing won the Doosan 7 points or so a good result.

I took two friends who had never seen the Silver Soul to see it, originally to Amway, but I didn’t expect the quality of the work to be so bad. After watching it, I felt very angry, angry that my favorite work was shot like this, angry that the creator team did not have the sincerity to make such a scam. Let’s just say Gainsaid, you’re probably not really suited to the real thing.

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