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What do you think of DC’s latest animated film, Death of Superman 2018?

The e movie was a little bumpy. But overall it’s worth it.

At the beginning, I was not very optimistic about this movie. When discussing with others on Zhou, I also said that I hoped that the death of Superman in this movie would not cause any drama. Because of the proximity

DC animated films have been a little weak in recent years, and I don’t think there are many outstanding ones. It’s Gotham in gaslight in January and Ninjas in April

Batman,To be honest, although the gas lighting fight was good and the ninja style was amazing, I was a little disappointed with the plot. Ninja Batman

Let me psychological drop is very big, clearly the preview is so attractive…… The more I look, the more I get

I was excited to see the resources for Superman’s death on Justice League on June 19 (after all, the lack of drama), but I checked the posts and found that the reviews were not yet available

No, someone even said, “That’s delicious.” My appetite is hanging up.

After downloading resources, I found that resources are easy to find subtitles

But the lack of English subtitles is a headache. I tried to find subtitles for several days, but failed. In order not to hand cheap point open to see me also special

Found 3 other DC animated movies to kill time with… Finally, I managed to use YouTube to get the subtitles out and finally got a glimpse

Its beauty

It smells good! I’m going to blow this movie !!!! Agree with the one above, definitely the best animated film in two years

(Superman’s death comics have not read, so only from a pseudo-fan point of view to talk about, have revealed the plot)

Not to mention the style, not the blowing point, similar in addition to upstairs said “Justice League: War” and “Justice League vs. Teen Titans” ”

Justice League: Atlantis Throne Justice League: The Dark

1. Psychological depiction is very delicate

The bitter love line between Clark and Lois is quite obvious. What makes me move is why Lois doesn’t let her meet his parents after complaining to Clark

The scene:

Feeling the pressure of this dual role, Da Chao, despite his sunny attitude, later encouraged himself to “I’ll be fine. Just

Fine “, but this change of expression shows that he is not fine,It’s a little painful to see. I think every one of you doesn’t want to be true

The faces of heroes have a soft place in their hearts, used to put the people they want to care for, loaded with what they want to protect.

I would love to tell you who I really am, but because I love you, and I want to protect you, I’m willing to carry this through on my own, even if it’s

It will make you suspicious and resentful of me.

This line is also crossed by two minor lines; one is Lois co-worker Kat “gossiping” Lois and Clark relationship (openly and secretly

Because Lois and Clark are friends)

The other one is when the Justice League meets, Flash tells big guy he’s getting married in a few days and can’t make it to the meeting

The two small lines finally come together — Da Chao invites Lois to meet her parents. After the plot does not say (have to say this emotional play is very close

I don’t want to give away the details.) I think the production team really nailed it.

“It’s a little bit different from the last Death of Superman, where we focused on the death and resurrection of Superman, this time we’re going to focus more on Kara

2. Depictions of ordinary people

It feels a bit like the return of the Dark Knight (I watched it a few months ago, and I probably only remember that there are depictions of ordinary people).

The first was when a space station was smashed to pieces by the meteorite containing the day of Destruction, and an astronaut was convinced until the last moment

Superpowers to save them…… Although ironic, the scene reveals two messages (personal opinions). One is that Dashing usually carries planes and intercepts trains

“(laughs); Second, although Da Chao is a god, he can’t protect everyone all the time. He may save every time

The day, but you let him save everyone? It’s hard for anyone to do that.

The second is the passer-by uncle. At first impression, I just think he is a big fan. Later, there is a scene that makes me respect him.

https://www.zhihu.com/question/281945599/answer/423208564 4/10

This scene is just after the big super and Destruction Day started to fight, Uncle told the people in the pub:

Hey you aren’t got a place to go, you can stay with me while Superman believe this clown squad

Don’t be here for you.

Just like my buddy Sups is always there for us. Just like my buddy sups is always there for us.

And then the camera freezes on this photo

When the final “battle death”, all the people in the tavern left, the TV set on the big Chao cape fluttering in the wind, Uncle is still there

This is the same picture.

The third is the child. I can already tell from the screenshot that Big Chao’s eyes are tired, but I think such a hug makes Big Chao feel

The surprise must have been a shot in the arm.

3. The fight scenes are amazing

Blow, blow, blow, blow! Blood, violence, I like it! (No blood, no violence, you tell me this is super and Destruction Day?) Various lens vibration

The effect, all kinds of character expressions close-up!! Like big super must go to see! You can’t tell just by looking at the words. And I’m super busy

Save people…… during the day of destruction Really, I think it’s a bit of a shame it didn’t make it to the big screen. I wonder if I was in a movie theater

What kind of feeling will it be when you wear 3D glasses to watch this movie?

4. Slot points are not without

JL didn’t come back when Super was fighting Doom Day all the time. After all, Doom Day was so bad that they hurt others in the beginning

I mean, it makes sense that you can’t move and you don’t have the power to recover for a while. But how come you can move as soon as you get cold

What about it? I see some of them standing up straight. Yes, the three on the right.

Watching this movie always gives me the feeling that the super is working hard and other people (JL and ordinary people) are watching the play.

It’s time to talk about the League of Justice movie from more than a decade ago. In episode 19 of Season 2, super “died” to save his teammates, but when

All the people in JL were present, all with their respective responsibilities. Even though Toy Man is not on the same level as Doom Day

The fact that Big Chao gets KO’d by a Toy man doesn’t seem like a real thing, but that episode was just as atmospheric as this year’s


I also think Chao handled the funeral scene better,

The other five giants of JL together as big super Fu Ling, all under the shadow of the night appears solemn and solemn.

Why, you ask me where the bats are? Go watch this episode, you won’t be disappointed.

5, there are crying and laughing plot

It’s also true that the flaws of this movie outweigh the flaws, and I can’t help but blow up the movie while watching it. I won’t go into details about the crying, although I’ve seen several versions of it

Superman died, but his eyes got sand when he saw his head bleed

The red-green duo in JL is absolutely indispensable to the laugh line; in my opinion is one of the film’s plus points. A life of joys and sorrows is true

A positive life

The Flash might as well change his name to Peddler Cute

Every time the light turns green, I wonder what kind of weapon his imagination can build for him.


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