• May 29, 2024

Incredibles 2

Fourteen years ago, in 2004, there was no Marvel screen, no DC universe, only SONY’s live-action Spider-Man, and superhero movies weren’t even a genre.

Pixar had already built a family of superpowers by then, and in The Incredible I, the Incredible were hidden among ordinary people.

The husband suffers a midlife crisis, the wife fears he’s cheating on her, and for the first time, the villain raises questions about the owner of his powers.

Pixar has been exploring story thinking more deeply than many other films in its genre, and even today, looking back 14 years to the Incredible 1, the choice and depth of the story is very creative.

In 14 years, the Marvel Universe is about to enter the 4.0 era, the Justice League of the DC Universe has been assembled, and the R-rated Dead pool sequel has been released.

Finally, “The Incredible 2” was long overdue, and the saying is that when Pixar makes something, it has to be good.

Big Cong watching Pixar animation, the heart always has a sense of practicality, as long as it is a Pixar movie; you can put 120 hearts into the movie appreciation.

Of course, the popularity depends on luck. For example, the previous Coco swept the world. Although this time The Incredible 2 did not have such popularity after watching, it is also well deserved.

If you’re familiar with the Pixar formula, you know that no matter how creative the costumes, at the heart of Pixar’s work are the pursuit of familial love.

Toy Story, for example, is about friendship and growth.

Monsters, Inc. is about father-daughter love.

Finding Memo is about a parent’s love for their child.

“Inside Out” is about the importance of family time.

Coco is the ultimate interpretation of family love.

The Incredible 2, too, is not a traditional superhero movie. While the main story is about taking down the villain, the secondary story is about Pixar’s ambition to return to the love of the nuclear family.

Follow the pace of The Times, “The Incredible 2” let women independent tasks, let the husband become a full-time stay-at-home man, for the husband was already in midlife crisis, is indeed a baptism of physical and mental test.

Although Mr. Super Can is proud of his wife, he has a fire in his heart to prove his strength. Men have a natural appeal in the society, that is, they want to prove themselves in the society, which also leads to the fact that men always think it is easy to be a full-time wife at home.

This is well illustrated in the film, when Elastigirl has to go out on a mission; Mr. Super easily claims that he can take care of everything at home.

But family chores aren’t as easy as they seem, especially with three super powered kids.

And the three superpowers represent the three most difficult stages of childhood.

Sister in the youth feelings confused period, a lot of secrets began to hide in the heart do not want to share, her stealth ability, just innuendo her mind to invisible.

Mr. Super arranges a special meeting for his daughter with the boy he likes in the way he thinks is right, only to make it awkward.

Sometimes parents care too much for their children, may be self-defeating, timely turn a blind eye, perhaps the children themselves can find a better way to behave.

Brother in the knowledge absorption and physical development of the age, so will become one hundred thousand why, will become a physical surplus of the little boy.

The younger brother has the super power of super running, which just reflects the inner world of children of this age group in the society.

Mr. Amazing wants to grow and learn together with children, which is the best company for children.

Baby J.J., he is full of unknown world, so he is full of unknown all kinds of superpowers.

Juju’s powers, in reality, are a reflection of the troubles parents have to deal with their children, which are no less troublesome than the unknown powers J.J. brings to the movie.

As for Elastigirl, although she went out to do tasks, she was the first to find her mother when she failed to finish the task, which shows that the position of mother in the family is still unshakable and precious.

Moreover, the first time Elastigirl calls home after finishing her task is to ask about the situation at home, which shows that as a mother, she can’t let go of her child.

Therefore, Pixar has always been using its own innovative ideas, set a warm and touching family core, so that the audience in the entertainment at the same time, but also how much to harvest some thinking.

The Incredible 2, in addition to these family thoughts hidden behind the film, is no worse than the same type of superhero film in terms of action scenes.

The super power of each character is perfectly displayed in the film, especially the scene where Elastigirl stops the train. The audience is surprised to see the right way of opening the super power of Elastigirl, which has a strong impact.

Besides, J.J.’s superpowers almost break through any superpowers’ abilities. Setting fire to laser eyes and shrinking monsters are just small cases. Entering the four-dimensional space is really refreshing.

Although the plot routine of the film is a little old, Datong guessed who the villain is in the first ten minutes, but he got an unexpected surprise when he guessed the ending. The viewing experience is still worthy of affirmation.

All in all, The Incredible 2 is a movie for the whole family. It’s fun, surprising and touching.


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