• May 29, 2024


One obvious change from a decade or so ago is that the traditional girly manga genre is on the wane, with once-popular girly manga becoming the tears of The Times, while anime (including tabby and skirting) is on the rise. And the Foxing craze is no accident. The plot of girls’ manga tends to be stereotypical and bloody-blooded, and the role creation lacks personality, which makes some female groups reject female characters and prefer BLCP instead. Rotten woman consumption power is no less than otaku, disc, comics, books, surrounding sales is proof. “Free” comes at a time when women are in short supply.

There are few real tabbies, such as The Beginning of the World and Pure Love, and free is only a marginal film like K. There’s a lot of male characters in turn, a lot of selling, a lot of shame play, a lot of half-and-half flirting, a lot of candy in every couple. Such a full “welfare” with good painting, good sound, good music and good publicity, not fire is strange.

Let’s take a look at the worst part of the game — the plot.

In Bing Tang and its predecessors, Kyoto is dominated by adapted works, with Liang Gong becoming the literary peak, Lucky Star and Light Voice making the four old Japanese characters stand out, and the KEY Society Teary trilogy is regarded as a “divine work”, which is generally of high quality and attracts many people to become Kyoto devotees.

“Small Circle” “Flower name” “Tiger rabbit” and other excellent original animation to the animation company’s income is huge, Kyoto is not willing to lag behind, “two diseases” and after, began to support their own library, big original. Borrow the background setting and some characters of a light novel in their own library, the plot is almost entirely original, under the guise of “light modification”, and most of the money earned is in their own pocket.

The same goes for Free. To recap the story of the original novel: in elementary school, Yao, Makoto, and Nags are good swimming buddies. Rim transfers to their school and enlists the three of them to swim in a relay, eventually winning the championship. Rim goes to Australia to continue learning swimming. At first glance, it’s a boring, boring piece of children’s literature. However, the animation team used it as a basis to create an animated script, which tells the story of Ran’s twisted personality when he returns from Australia in high school and becomes rivals with Yao and others before reuniting with his friends and achieving a happy ending.

My favorite character is Yao, cold outside and hot inside, and a stripper (……). Gradually like crazy pull cool bully twisted in two stubborn hearts is a dead proud Jiao Lin, all the time looking forward to Rim can wash and then swim with friends. However, after eagerly following the series one by one, I can only sigh: “WTF!” when I see such a happy ending. It puts “friendship” above “rules” and “fairness” and builds its enjoyment on the pain of unreciprocated efforts at pity. Although it is often said that “friendship first, competition second”, and I think “rule” should be “zero”. Next door “Black basket” how to say is a value of companion, attach importance to unity and cooperation of the blood of the movement, each awkward small partners are washed just right, play tricks harm people’s flower palace really is never washed white, the position is very clear.

When Ryun offered to let Rim swim instead of him, how could Rim, who had always been stubborn, easily accept such cheap alms? Care about teammates of the minister really Qin or, flow most admired remote or, strong pull flow into the ministry of Nags or, but no one to stop, as if flow is an unrelated spare tire, want to change, want to abandon. Even teachers and managers don’t criticize them… How dare you? Flow will never swim to swim, paid a long and hard effort, he also want to show a beautiful body in the national competition pool, but willing to sacrifice their own help the friendship of the other four people. Everything he had worked for had gone up in smoke, but he didn’t complain.

Let’s get back to the partisan part. There is no doubt that the party rivalry is a hot topic among the audience. And the partisanship in Free echoes that of the earlier girl-girl comic, The Love of the Flowers. “Zhen Qin (Tamiya) so like Yao (Qianzao), or young tamed, Yao (Qianzao) but heart yearning to think Rim (new), Zhen Qin (Tamiya) good helpless pain, Zhen Qin (Tamiya) fast and Yao (Qianzao) together, Rim (new) and like a bird (queen) together forget it!” That’s what the powerful Shin Gem Party says. And I’m always on the side of the underdog. If I like Rim because it is a man who drags cool bullies, then what attracts me is the personality charm emanating from the depths of my soul. Is the new opened thousands of early dream, is the new let thousands of early found their own bright spot, is the new let thousands of early life on the road. In contrast, the characterization of Free appears to be template, lacking a sense of reality, and the elements of “party contention” are just crude imitation.

To sum up, free are a completely depressing work, denying efforts, rules and companions, and using one person’s sacrifice to fulfill the so-called “friendship” of others, which is really a failure. And there’s no denying its commercial success, with gay women flocking to buy the disc and lick it at home, selling more than 30 million copies. I hope Season 2 will be a daily tea piece like The Voice. Please don’t be blind to me. I’m just a shallow character chef.



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