• May 29, 2024

Okra love story

Thanks to Krooni for writing us a poem of pure youth in such a delicate way.

The poem is a hymn to courage for Cookie. With this courage, he broke his hesitancy all the time; finally put his deep heart of words out. With this courage, he chose not to inherit the family business for a while, but to pursue his dream in Tokyo. With this courage, he got little Green sit up and take advantage of his own happiness. Warriors are worthy of praise, and a sweet and happy love is the best reward for him.

The poem was an afterthought for Okra. Okra is a typical natural lovely girl next door, kind and innocent, but always half a beat behind others. If it had not been for the confession of Cake Hide, perhaps she would have been unaware of two important things to her for a long time: 1. where does Okra want her future to be? 2. What is Okra’s feeling for Kazoo? “I’m going to Tokyo to go to college” makes Tamaki suddenly realize that not only Kozo, but also other friends around her have begun to pursue their own future, but only she hasn’t given it much thought. Cake hide that sentence “I always like Okra” let Okra have to face this has been not far away looking at their boys, their feelings for him is love, or friendship. These two questions for our natural heroine, who had not thought much since childhood, are simply the world’s most difficult problems, so she will inevitably be a little confused. Fortunately, in the end, she solved these two problems well. I believe that after this time, our lovely girl next door will have a great growth.

This poem is an untouchable love for little Green. The person you like is beside you, obviously close at hand, but like far away. Green didn’t have enough courage to express her feelings to Okra, perhaps because she was afraid that her feelings would cause unnecessary trouble to Okra, who was already simple-minded. Until the end, Green didn’t say that. It can be seen that Little Green envied Cake Zing very much, not only because he was recognized by Okra, but also because he had the courage that he did not have. But the final green and not very sad, because she recognized the cake hide and the feelings between the two people, or would not come up with such a way to let the jade son to confess; She also agreed that cake hide can give Okra happiness, after all, he has something he does not have. Perfect youth is good, but youth with a little regret has a different taste.

And again, I want to thank Krooni, even though the TV version of Okra didn’t sell very well, she still made such a beautiful theatrical version for us. The TV version of Okra is supposed to be a trial. The unstable positioning of the first few episodes resulted in the loss of many viewers, but the story of Okra’s father and mother in the later episodes gives a vague sense of the hidden power of the series. The talking birds are fantastic, but at the heart of the story is the everyday life of the lovely people on the street.

In the end, LZ doesn’t expect a second season, because there are plenty of holes in Krooni. The back story or my own imagination, Tokyo back cake hide with their own learning for the shop street to do publicity, the owner of the wife Oxo occasionally put a holiday and cake brother out to take photos leaving a string of good memories… Anyway, how sweet how to come ~ ah! The last LZ still want to wish little green also want to find their happiness ah! God will not fail this good girl ~ she will be happy .


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