• May 29, 2024

The moon is beautiful

This is mainly around the two early three born Kotaro and Alkane in this year’s love story. Kotaro is a minister of literature and art who loves reading and writing and has his own literary dream. Alkane was a nervous, sweet potato puppet-crunching standout in track and field. They were divided into the same class in the third grade, but the intersection was not obvious. Alkane lost her sweet potato doll in the sports meeting. Kotaro kindly picked it up and returned it to her. They bonded because of such a slow but meaningful thing. In subsequent exchanges, the two grew closer and soon confirmed their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. After that is around two people’s student life, showing two shy students, determination and details of love for each other’s first love, sweet place is more, is a very good love.

Although it is a love, but the heat of this is not general, the overall narrative rhythm is not a little slow, the contradictions of two people are justified, two people in dealing with contradictions is also reflected in the love and trust for each other. It can be seen that from the beginning of the acquaintance to the gradual acquaintance and the beginning of communication, both of them are overcoming shyness and fear, with the intention of love. Then in their side friends assist, confession, gossip and so on, they also accepted the common test of love students.

Three impressive stories:

Story one: Kotaro found Qi an talking to himself to find his mascot did not find, and then rushed to participate in the running race, poor performance, after school, under the sunset, Kotaro took out to find the mascot to Qi an, Qi an was full of joy to thank and explain the mascot for her significance, two people is the first in-depth understanding. In this process, although both of them are shy, it reflects Kotaro’s goodwill and good feeling towards Alkane; it also reveals that for the shy, nervous Alkane, the mascot has such an important meaning that it deserves to be deeply remembered. The story is excellent, it doesn’t feel contrived at all, and it’s well handled. The overall pace is slow and gentle, which makes me feel comfortable.

Story 2: Two people in the relationship, still meet others after the confession, Akan was seen by Kotaro, choose to directly explain to Kotaro clearly, this is someone else’s initiative to confess, but she refused, Kotaro did not completely control jealousy, really is the real reaction of adolescent boys in serious love. This is independent of the popular possessiveness. Their shyness makes their communication quiet and slow most of the time, but in such moments, Alkane speaks very directly and clearly. From my perspective of God, it is really the perfect proof of loyalty. And kotare in the accused white, refuse to others did not take the initiative and Qi an said in time, let Qi an very sad for this, the sunset in Ian’s face, Qi an tears, a few words asked kotare speechless. It’s also true, because loyalty is mutual, and I’m amazed at how sincere, pure, and heartfelt their feelings can be at this stage.

Story 3: Two people in the 12 episodes of the story, different people have several different misunderstandings, but the process of clarifying the misunderstanding, the rhythm is very comfortable, is not dragging water, also not the kind of natural feeling. For example, people around him recommend Kotaro contribute his novel and Qi an, let Qi an because Kotaro did not tell her the defendant white things in time, maintain the cold War state of collapse, see tears in the bullet train, firm two people long distance relationship determination; For example, Kotaro decided to apply for the Ganging University recommended by Akin, but his score was too poor to pass. His father said that he could make his own decision, while his mother questioned whether he had seriously thought about his personal life. It is true that at his age, his decision may be made on impulse, and his parents represented their support. The other side represented rational thinking, and this argument made all three of them take a hard look at the decision again, which was great. In the end, the mother convinced Kotaro’s class teacher to give him the motivation and opportunity to work hard. Although the result was unsatisfactory, he really deserved it. I watched it in amazement, wondering if it was because I had lost my ability to think rationally that I enjoyed it so much.

Kotaro’s mother handed him his lunch before he left for the examination room. Kotaro said thank you for the first time. His mother was obviously stunned for a moment. In the early stage, Kotaro and Alkane hardly spoke at school, but they were mostly smiling and blushing. Such subtle but loving expression is what I like very much, because the more I look back, the more I feel the tacit understanding and sincerity of the two of them. Seeing them in love with such a feeling, I will also know that such love can only be between two people who are so worthy. Akanke’s sister often asked Alkane some questions in love as a person who had experienced it, and Akanke’s answers were generally mild and firm. It was nonsense to say that she was very firm, because at that time things could not be said to be so firm. Therefore, Akanke’s gentleness was with reason and responsibility, which was also the important reason why I particularly liked her role. Kotaro often goes to the bookstore is a relative’s home, after knowing that Kotaro and Alkane nowhere to date, and even Kotaro shy and poor expression after the bookstore to Kotaro care, at the same time can invite Alkane to date, such kind and gentle arrangement really let people thumbs up; They appreciate each other, Alkane loves running, and Kotaro has said more than once that he likes Alkane running very much. Kotaro learns ritual dance and loves to write novels, Alkane also deeply recognizes his technique and dance after watching the dance, and after hearing that his novel publishing road is blocked, she has been encouraging and believing, and finally Kotaro also published their story through the Internet. Let the denizens look forward to it; Two people because of shy and other reasons, at school has been relatively low-key, but in the evening at home study often communicate, not long dialogue full of warmth and affection, like the kind of clear but dynamic water.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show. The main reason is that the theme of love is expressed through the excellent narrative rhythm; at the same time, the creation of the main characters is very successful. I was deeply impressed by the gentle, considerate, strong, sincere and brave Alkane and Kotaro, the playful romance, and the parents who love their children deeply but have different ways of expression. Then there is the painting style. Kotaro and Akanke’s faces and bodies are painted in cute, good-looking, unconventional adolescent baby fat; Finally, is my favorite regret, but still a happy ending, Kotaro real did not enter Ganging high School, two people really have to face long distance love, two people even in the end Qi an on the car also did not see one side, but Qi an hesitated after still hanging on the mascot, Kotaro ran out, did not see Qi an but clenched the mascot, although separated by space, But already reflected each other’s feelings at that time, Alkane read the end of Kotaro’s novel also understand Kotaro’s feelings.

Regret is impossible to avoid, because it is impossible to do regretful things all the time, not to mention the double avoidance conflict or double trend conflict, no one can say what to do at these times, only at that time, after considering the past, present and future, can make only their own decisions.


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