• May 29, 2024

Monsters Inc

Recently “Ratatouille” is very popular, people on the plot is also mixed praise, but for the technology of Pixar is no exception, they mention the mouse clear vivid hair always mention “Monsters, Inc.”, indeed a long time ago this film has set off quite a sensation at that time, it is the peak of the 3D animation industry cannot be surpassed.

Recently home to see this film seriously again, wearing thin clothes sitting in front of the computer eye also unwilling to blink, with Sully and ABU points away sigh, until the whole body cold.

The power of classics is boundless. Although it is an exaggeration to say so, the grand and magnificent imagination, the clever combination of emotion and humor, the wonderful twists and turns of the story and the suspense made me feel more surprised and happy than I had imagined.

From ABU who can’t talk to the monster world, the world is a mess. So monsters are afraid of children! Just like we’re afraid of them In the monster world, hairless humans are big monsters that breathe fire, shoot lasers out of their eyes, and kill — oh, sorry, monsters with one bite! I can’t help laughing at this. I’m not afraid of horror movies anymore! Maybe those ghost sisters with their tongues sticking out, wearing white robes and hair down are also out to frighten ignorant teenagers like us to make money. I think sister Adak must be the first place in the ghost world. Monsieur Dracula may be a charmer, with a million big boys waiting downstairs for a precious tooth print….

I digress, here. But back to our lovely ABU and Mr. Sully But never expected, the boss of the monster power company was actually behind the Blue Island terror test, he even wanted to kidnap children to do terror test power generation. Sully and One-eyed (I’m sorry to forget what they’re called) are pushed through a door into the Himalayas by their boss. They were brutally banished!

In this world of ice and snow, they encounter the former exiled white Fur Monster, who is happy all day and can make lemon flavored ice cream. Sully heard him say that at the foot of the mountain by the village regardless of the blizzard regardless of life rushed to the foot of the small village through the magic door and back to the monster world, in time to save ABU, defeated the evil Randal and boss.

This time a powerful character appeared, the original expressionless emphasis on weird information department of the old aunt turned out to be the Flying Tigers like the boss of the people, in the power company undercover! The lady’s appearance was brief, but she made a show of it in the final tidbits, appearing again and again outside of where she shouldn’t be, saying “i-t-s m-e!” over and over in her standard dry, wicked voice. “, bringing down the house with laughter.

The bad guys are defeated. ABU is going home. The white wooden door with a pattern also crumbled to pieces when ABU returned home. ABU can no longer see big kitty. One-eyed Sully watched as the sad Sully said nothing. He picked up a small piece of the door on the ground and put it in his hand.

If the movies stopped there, it wouldn’t be Hollywood.

After that, Sully gets his inspiration and turns the power company into a laughter-collecting factory, where the monsters, who used to be ready to scare people, do all them can to make the kids laugh. The big dinosaur got his grinning teeth, and the centipede monster got to juggle. Sully had a cute little tie around his neck. On the last page of the workbook in his hand was ABU’s drawing and the little piece of wood from the door. Sully here looks like a dad missing his little girl.

One-eyed, knowing this, took Sully to a room. The shattered white door had been thrown back in one piece and stood upright in the middle of the room. Sully opened the workbook and put the piece of wood on the door. The light went on. Sully nervously opened the door. . “Kitty,” said a small voice from the room, and Sully’s large furry face burst into bloom like a flower of surprise.

Here the film comes to an abrupt end. We don’t see ABU and Sully happily cuddling, but in everyone’s mind they are happily together.

I would like to conclude with two points in particular. One, when Sully mistakenly thinks ABU has been shredded by a garbage disposal, is the loveliest part of the movie. The dramatic close-ups of crushing, crushing, and knifing, along with Sully’s exaggerated body language, made my heart and soul laugh

Plus, it’s not a good time to watch this movie. While the monsters inside are cute, when you see centipede hands, earthworm faces, and slimy nosed monsters constantly flashing in front of you, you probably won’t be able to eat swallower wings either.



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