• May 29, 2024

The Cupboard Boy: For the disappearance of appearance

“Wood Closet Boy” is not an alien creature, but is still a strange spirit; their appearance must be for the final disappear of the moment, the protagonist of the growth and prepare for.

In order to disappear, although this is a type of film, but each has its own meaning, each has its own mood. “The Wood Closet Boy” mood makes people feel a kind of like a dream warm, but in this kind of warmth and unadulterated with a little regret and loss.

In fact, the “wooden cabinet boys” are meant to help the heroine become a good Ann — the mistress of the Japanese home — and generations have placed their trust in that antique wooden cabinet. When they see that the hostess is not smart enough to dress and cook properly, they will come out to help.

The wooden cabinet with the spirit in it is regarded by the hostess as an important inheritance, passed from mother to daughter, generation to generation. On the surface, it conveys the wooden cabinet, the spirit that can help the new generation of hostess, but in fact, it conveys all the virtues and skills that Japanese women must possess to be a proper hostess at home.

Once the mistress had mastered all the skills of taking care of her family and herself, the boys would disappear. Their disappearance is doomed, because if they do not disappear, the hostess will have a sense of dependence, and thus cannot really grow up. However, in the short 20-minute film, the children go through the whole process of appearing, helping, living with the hostess, and finally disappearing, which makes people feel too fast to enjoy. Because have the heroine’s survival skills really improved enough? She was only able to start cooking, taking care of her dress and her life. A lot of survival skills aren’t there yet.

So, presumably due to financial and time constraints, the work, which was funded by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Young Animator Education program, was only short-lived. Since the boys have not yet passed on all their skills to the heroine, their relationship with the heroine can also be further developed. At least two or three of the six boys have hardly any interaction with the heroine. If this text can continue to expand into a one-hour-plus movie, then the feelings expressed and the tension of the drama can accommodate the feelings between the heroine and the boy can be more incisively and vividly.

Here is a brief summary of the characteristics of the six boys who appear in the film (in order of appearance):

Fat Douro: Not enough, not enough

Sedate Jiri Jib: Helpful, home decoration and safety inspection engineer

Outgoing Ah Sheng: lively and capable, excellent cook

Naughty half flat: naughty, like to make trouble

Chipper Yuji: Chipper shrew, good at makeup

Virtuous Ah Miao: knowledgeable and reasonable, good at costume design

In fact, as a wooden boy who cultivates a people, he should only need as a, Jiri Yoshi, Yuki and Ah Moy. Why should he only know Douro who eats and Banshee who loves to play?

I think, on the one hand, it may be to know how to take care of naughty, greedy children, which should also be a good hostess skills, so there are such children in the wooden boy, so that the heroine to know how to take care of children. On the other hand, if there are only boys with positive characters and no boys with negative characters, the group as boys will become too tall and full, and lose the interest of life.

This shows the ingenuity of the director. Just as we design a character, do not design to be a typical character with all A’s, as the whole of the Wood keeper boy, in fact, is a “role”, this “role” should also be colorful. In addition, in fact, even as a heroine, sometimes greedy or greedy some play, it is also human nature, the wooden cupboard boys but reflect the hostess’s heart of that kind of substance: on the one hand, they can live a happy life, on the other hand, they can master various skills, become the family’s wise wife.

So, what exactly is a “wood closet boy”? They are actually a reflection of the heroine’s inner heart, reflecting what kind of skills she wants to have and how she wants to live.

The most outstanding place of this film is the vivid depiction of the heroine and the boys from meeting, knowing each other to dependence, separation process, which each node, the heroine’s feelings are very delicate, vivid. In addition to the complete Q version of a variety of capable children, it is hard not to arouse people’s imagination, longing and yearning.



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