• May 29, 2024

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Originally, I thought I was a standard Miyazaki Hayat fan. I have seen most of his films more than three times, so when I saw a palace film that I had not seen, I was a little angry with myself.

When I was very young, I read a book of “Quotations of Lou LAN”, which was a very popular radio host in Taiwan at that time. There was an article that said, “Let you become a peacock with its screen open for love.” It’s a story about a boy who tries his best to tell the girl he loves but fails to do so. Especially slowly see too much in reality, for love to hurt each other’s stories, these simple and upward feelings, but still bridge, let me very moved.

I have been thinking, what kind of young man’s feelings are hidden behind that big white beard? Does he have a teenage love affair that he can’t forget, or why are all of his teenage protagonists surprisingly similar? Zing ear short hair, not fugue ground flying in the wind; Simple and rash, often in the corner of the leg run; A little naughty, but kind and persistent.

“I read a lot to get my name on the library card early,” the boy said on the rooftop after the rain. About only young love can have the ability to consume such a large amount of time, long expectations, do all stupid and no results of efforts, in order to each other casual word and adapt their whole life, only young men and girls qualified to say, “life”, because they really have a lifetime can consume.

This is not supposed to be a movie about love, so I slightly resent the young man saying “Will you marry me” at the end of the film, but it seems young, even the promise of marriage is just an ideal, a future, distant, dream, worth fighting for at all costs, just like his dream of a violin maker, and her dream of a writer.

That’s why all comics can be live-action, but I can’t stand the idea of Miyazaki’s films being live-action. No matter what kind of handsome men and beautiful women, the real version can no longer become a dream, the real identity and entanglements of the male and female protagonists will let me unbearable.

This is a film about the dream, the girl’s moon island love dream, the young man’s career dream, grandpa and baron cat about waiting dream, the moon island mother and sister about the dream of struggle, and grandpa friends about the music dream; of course, there is the best supporting role, big fat cat’s dream of freedom.

I read a lot of books to get my name on the library card early

Of course, if that turns into

I drank a lot of rats to see you at the hospital

Is it more touching?



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