• May 29, 2024

Total Robot Mobilization

Maybe at this moment, I am carrying a few big bags in front of the huge supermarket and walking awkwardly. Wall-e is laboriously squishing a pile of trash into a cube in a dusty, abandoned city.

Maybe the next moment, I’ll be home, crawling into bed and watching a series that doesn’t break the mold. Wall-e had returned home, lit up the TV and watched its few minutes of song and dance.

We can all go about our business as usual. We can all live in silence and independence. Time flows peacefully between sunrise and sunset, and when bad weather strikes, we retreat to our cooped quarters. And then you get on with your job. You get on with your life.

It’s just that, I guess, there comes a time when Wall-e has to hold his own hand while the hero and heroine are holding hands on TV. I can only gently hold my own arm during the lovers’ affectionate kiss in the play. Just like there must be such a moment, the Wall-e in the movie screen, or the me in the real world, must stand in front of the rising moon or the setting sun, looking at this beautiful world, looking forward to the existence of someone, let us share all the joy.

Wall-e has been expecting this for hundreds of years. On the surface of the earth where there is no blue sky or river, at the end of the world where there is no sign of life, in the midst of dull, dirty and tired life, in the cold hard shell of metal construction, looking forward to, longing for. Has been eager to, with someone, gently hold a hand, to a ten fingers close.

Before it happens, all the anticipation and longing can perhaps only be regarded as absurd; but the day Eva came into his life, nothing was the same. Love at first sight is a natural thing, because, for this moment, he had been waiting so long. He just wanted to see more of her and, if possible, talks to her. She didn’t seem friendly, but it didn’t matter. He would try to mimic a smile. Let him protect her from a hurricane in the house, he would show her all his treasures, light bulbs, Rubik’s cube, a small flame lighter, and, of course, his favorite musical clips. The scene was so romantic, he was embarrassed. Well, present her with her latest treasure, a tender plant he just picked up from the trash that he probably hasn’t seen in hundreds of years. She’ll be pleasantly surprised, too.

But as soon as she saw this, she snatched it up and put it in her arms. She remained still, no more expression, no more hands, no more soundly. He called her hoarsely for a long time but could not wake her. Well, take care of her until she wakes up. Lest her battery run out, he moved her to the roof to bask in the sun; He was afraid of being damaged by a thunderstorm, so he put an umbrella on the roof to protect her. Lightning broke several umbrellas, but fortunately, he had accumulated some money. The rest of the time, he took her by the side of the fence to watch the sunset on the distant mountains, watching the purple clouds on the mountains, and he must have hoped that one day she would wake up, smile at him, hold out her hands, and see the world with him.

But a few days later, the one that had fallen from the sky was secretly carried away to be sent back to heaven. He made a decision in a thousandth of a second, and whatever was ahead, he was going to follow it. So he hung on the outer Wall of the aircraft across the whole universe, causing a stir in the community of human beings living in space. Eva woke up and understood what Wall-E had done through the video recorded in her body and was completely moved. The two robot “people” helped each other and finally conveyed the green of life from the earth to human beings and assisted them to return to the earth.

In addition to all the heroic stories, I only saw Eva’s eyes like angry, angry and happy, Wall-e’s look like fear, panic, calm and fearless, and Wall-e’s desperate appearance when saving Eva, and Eva’s heartbroken expression when she thought that Wall-e would die in the exploding astrosphere. His head was of rusty metal, but his face was almost covered with sweat; she is clearly LCD eyes, but almost tears. The two robots at the end of the world seem to be me, you, him, and her. Unrequited love in it, the ecstasy of two loves, care is disorderly recklessness, because of love born brave, the great fear of losing my love forever, the joy of losing back, the sense of trust fighting side by side, the bond of life and death. It is not because we are so eager to be in the midst of great and violent emotions that we are so moved by them.

Yes, if I hold out my palm, it must be waiting for you to pass your hand, gently anastomosed, fingers clasped.

Let my five fingers firmly grip your five fingers, no longer let go, don’t let you leave.

Because all I waited in the past was for the present and the future related to this moment.

Even if I can’t chase through the stars, I can finally see the rainbow. Even if never pull each other through desperate; there is always the courage to run at any time to save you. Even without lighters and old movies, you can see me and I will see you…

Even if there is no story can be written, but also you know I know the legend.

Forgive me for being as romantic as the metal-headed Wall-e: hungry for love until the end of the world.


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