• May 29, 2024

To listen to the song : “our own efforts, the top”

Because of you, I would like to become a better person, do not want to be your burden, so hard, and just to want to prove that I am enough to match with you. — “Keep one’s ear Open”

01 “What is the Best Love Like”

This sentence is I read “listen” after, the most impressive sentence. Once I had a conversation with a good friend about this topic, “What do you think good love is like?” “The three values are consistent”, “getting along with nature”, “starting with love, stronger than truth”, “common progress, harvest”… There are many answers and ideas, but I think the most important one is “make progress together and gain something”.

Remember Ago Xiao song in the Wonderful Work said such a paragraph: “What is the best feeling? Making us better ourselves is the most important thing. A better self is a pure self, sincere self, aboveboard self, this is the most important thing in life. The best love is when two free souls love each other, no matter for a period or a lifetime.”

Life is a process of constant pursuit and understanding of their own, the best love is a wonderful catalyst, let you in this relationship into a better self, both sides also because each other can have a more real and profound concern and cognition of their own, no matter whether there is no age together, can harvest happiness in this relationship and learn to love yourself better.

And this is also what I feel from the cartoon “Listening”…

02 “Green and clean, have love and dream”

Directed by Kisumu Kondo, written and produced by Hayat Miyazaki, “The Ear” is an animated love film about young love at its most ignorant. When watching the film, really envy the pure love of Taine saint division and moon island Wen, envy their noisy and simple adolescence, and appreciate their courage to pursue dreams regardless of everything. Their love is perfect, ideal, but in reality, it is as colorful as bubbles, people dare not reach out to touch, afraid of a hand broken.

I am also really curious, youth Miyazaki Hayat, in the end experienced what kind of love belongs to that age, whether he also has the unforgettable young love, whether the girl is also a short hair, not fugue ground flying in the wind, simple and rash, often on the corner of the street run wildly…

Taine Shengs said on the rooftop: “In order to let my name appear early on the library card, I read a lot of books”, in order to let you notice me, may not be much like reading, I really did a lot better, sure enough, all the unexpected encounter is “routine full”, ha!

Only a young relationship consumes so much time, so much anticipation, and so much stupid, fruitless effort just to get you to notice him!

03 “Never be a burden on the other side”

Taine saint division dream is to do a skilled violin craftsman, but he is not confident in his skills, but in the eyes of moon island Wen, Taine saint division has a very meaningful pursuit, and also dare to take the first step, go abroad to learn violin production.

Then think back to myself, in addition to reading, to help my mother do housework, unexpectedly have no goals for the future. So she began to worry, want to catch up on the steps of the holy division. She likes to adapt lyrics and has writing skills. She wants to write the story of the cat Duke. She wants to try hard to know whether writing is suitable for her direction.

Originally, in front of the person you really like, you will feel inferior, you will look at yourself, and you will want to change into a better version of yourself because you are afraid of not keeping up with each other. Two children who were not very confident, after meeting each other are trying to become the best look in each other’s eyes, overcome the weakness, and see the future direction.

Many times, we are wandering at the crossroads of life, left or right, difficult to choose. Most of the time, we do not understand what they want in the end, the dream is so close, is so far, near the end of the world, reach. Many times, we try to accelerate our pace, only to find that the result is frustrating and frustrating.

There will be such a person, let us try to follow his pace, firmly waiting in his side, do not want to become his burden, want to share with him to share happiness, happiness, perhaps this is the mood after falling in love with a person.

04 “I have long decided to drive you over the mountains”

“I want to be a better person because of you. I don’t want to be your burden, so I work hard just to prove that I’m good enough for you.” Love is the direction of two people to work together, in the face of love we should unload all the camouflage and concerns, there are a lot of things could not have been born perfect, but love is able to stick to, the holy division of the confession, people believe in the beauty of love, believe in happiness.

Maybe a good love is not that you meet a person, you try to get closer to him, change yourself, become what he likes; it’s that you have separate souls, and you try to live the way you like, and that way, he likes it too!

The best love, when I looked at you, my eyes were full of light, and then these can be projected on my own, so that I become a more shining, more complete me, and you happen to be too.

Because of you, I want to become a better person, not become your burden.

Because of you, I know myself better than before.

Because of you, I know the richness of the world and more possibilities for myself.

Because of you, I truly understand the hardships and joys of pursuing my dreams.

We warm each other because of love, but also because of love and independence!

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