• May 29, 2024

The name of the flower was not heard

Time is a knife to kill pigs, this no one dare deny. In most cases, with the passage of time, more or less, the human will become lighter, the memory will fade. We have a lot to lose, including some things that we were desperately trying to hold onto. The camp of youth will be disarmed in the face of time, everyone in the road of innocence on the reverse run away. Irresistible growth brings irresistible change, and irresistible change brings irresistible alienation. Just like the six protagonists in “Flower” — Mian Code, Hit, Naruto, Fuji, Sturgis, Bubo, used to be iron playmates, but grew up cold as strangers. In a way, she was the luckiest one, for her mind seemed to be stuck in that summer with her death, so that she had not lost the precious qualities of childhood, the faults of “adult”. In fact, in the growth, the most afraid is should not change, such “change” means that the past has already belonged to the past, once existed in the good time you cannot chase back, it can only be sealed in your mind or forever disappeared in the wind. Just like the taste of that snack in Search of Lost Time, you will never feel or experience it exactly the same again.

On “Unforgettable”

But once upon a time, the people and things that were particularly important to you, even if the quiet flow of time, will remain in your mind. The people and things that are deeply involved in your life will not be forgotten — as long as it is your choice. Still remember “The Sun also rises” in the mad mother once said: “not afraid to remember, afraid to forget.” Those who cannot forget become your inner fetter, fetter has good and bad, in “Flower”, “forget face code” became the reason for everyone to escape remorse, and this is not good. However, watching your best playmate leave you as a child is an unforgettable experience that you can never forget, even harder to let go of. Not to mention, face code in Rental, snow set, Bubo’s eyes, is “those years, we chase the girl together”! For their most important people, suddenly disappear, in the heart of the hole, is how cannot fill it.

On “Reunion”

But after all, this is the animation to enlighten life and purify the mind, so healing is king! The creators give the characters a chance to say goodbye and apologize. Unfinished business became a bond, giving the old friends a reason to get back together. It once occurred to me that there are two ways to think about the future. Negative one, is only to see the irresistible change in people, only regret those who cannot go back to the time. The positive one is to think that even though the surroundings are changing and people are also changing, as long as everyone is still here, they can get together again and work a little harder for it. Before the time cannot go back and how, want to do things failed to do things can now be done. So what if the Super Peace busters split up and get back together just as invincible! Although six people because of their own changes, there are a lot of diaphragm, contradiction and misunderstanding when they get together again, but because of the face code desire, together to play “pocket monster” for rare elf, dinner barbecue, making fireworks, do something that belongs to the past now seems insignificant things will still be very happy, feel very meaningful. This reminds me of the Poem of Post-Adolescence by Jib Dao, which I recently finished reading. This book is similar to Flower in both story and theme. It was the same with the 30-year-old adults who were so excited to buy a player card that they had not touched for 12 years in order to fulfill the wishes of their friends 12 years ago. This is really the power of being together!

P.S. Ah Jing in Poems of Post-Adolescence feels so much like Naruto in Flowers! In fact, such a girl is also very likable ~

On Forgiveness

Another unexpected theme in “Flowers” is “redemption”, because not everyone has to grow up with “redemption”. But for several of the main characters in Flower, it is not surprising, because each of them is stuck in the shadow of the past, and has been trying to erase the shadow of the heart through the later life. They felt guilty about the death of the face Code and worried until they were sure they had been forgiven. But like face code, super happy sunshine innocent and kind girl, and ever blame them? Face code wish just to see everyone together. She’s happy when everyone’s together. It is each person who has not forgiven himself and let go of the past. The death of the face code makes everyone grow into “adults”, and their own hidden selfishness hinders the return of the past pure friendship. Those feelings, those hearts, must roar two roars; cry a cry, to be free. I think, the Buddha reincarnation is really the best ending, so that we can no longer be trapped in the past, and Hit and Naruto, Snow Jib and Tsurumi can easily and no burden relationship ~ The most important thing is, all these beautiful beginning, is sure to be forgiven.

Re “We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day”

The name of this anime, which is absolutely perfect and irreplaceable, is completely unspeakable. I can only say that I vaguely think that the title, on the one hand, symbolizes the inevitable regrets brought about by growing up, including some feelings that “we” did not know how to cherish and understand at that time; on the other hand, it symbolizes the expectation to make up for these regrets, full of hope and expectation for a better tomorrow. The last thing that this cartoon left in my heart is — if you only live once; don’t miss the people who mean the most to you. Don’t lose the flower without knowing the name of the flower you saw that day.


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