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The zombie bride

Zombie bride, is a childhood I saw a very classic and excellent animated film, so many years, looking back again, but there are many regrets.

For one thing, I did not understand it when I was young, and the intuitive style was strange and depressing. I did not realize that the film was made so carefully, so graceful, delicate and playful, just like a sip of exotic vintage wine being drunk by a reckless imp. Years later, when I grew up, the obscure and cloudy taste gradually melted on my taste buds and went deep into my throat. Beautiful the whole drinking night

The other is that, although it is the work of the talented director Tim Burton, it has been covered with a layer of dust in the past decades. Even when it is mentioned, it seems to be a vague memory of everyone’s childhood, but there has not been more singing and attention.

But good movies will always be loved, no matter how long the exotic wine is treasured or forgotten.

But for those of you who are familiar with Tim Burton, you can also see it in zombie brides

It’s really a standard Burton movie, it’s a beautiful, crazy fairy tale, and this director is the best at turning movies into fairy tales

Zombie brides are Burton-sequel

It features his wife Helena (the Harry Potter witch who killed Sirius and was the inspiration for the zombie bride Emily) (PS: Tim Burton is also one of Hollywood’s most famous Crazy Wives Club directors, along with Resident Evil director Paul Anderson)

It also features Johnny Depp.

For a director of Tim Burton’s caliber, early on, the chances of him missing a shot are almost zero, especially when you throw Johnny Depp into the mix

Whether it’s from the earliest Edward Scissor hands

Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow.

It was Zombie Bride, and then the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland (the late ones are worth talking about, the early ones are pretty good).

Whether its medieval ghost stories like Sleepy Hollow, crazy magical fairy tales like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, or light comic sci-fi surreal fairy tales like Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

And finally gothic fairy tales like Zombie Bride, Tim Burton’s is like a master of style cinema, using story and light and sound to bring people into the world of his own fairy tales,

And this Zombie Bride is a Gothic movie about love and marriage, about giving up, about the love of three people

More importantly, it is a story about vows.

The beauty of the oath lies in that if it is observed by people with the power higher than life, he can represent the power and moved, will be infinite, this power, enough to live and die

Victor accidentally broke into the territory of Emily, the zombie bride, and made a beautiful marriage vow to her

This is a ridiculous and weak promise, but when a simple and kind bride like Emily risks everything to believe, everything becomes different

Victor is a living man with a breathing bride, Victoria. He doesn’t belong to Emily. Its force majeure, just like the oath says

Till death do us apart, till death do us apart, till death do us apart, till death do us apart, till death do us apart, till death do us apart, till death do us apart

Like I said before, this is a love story about three people, but there is only one person, the zombie bride, who is really in love.

That’s because Victor, even at the end of the movie, never loved Emily (in my opinion).

This, perhaps, is the real injustice to Emily, not Victor’s choice at the end, which many people have criticized.

The Zombie Bride is probably one of the few stories I’ve ever seen or heard about a three-person relationship that is so tender.

Maybe this feeling comes from these three different characters, but they are all so kind and gentle

Victor came from a wealthy, local family of fish traders

Victoria was born into a noble but declining aristocratic family that grew into poverty

Emily is from the dark world, a vivid and colorful world

In fact, to think simply, the two marriages in the story are confused and not simple

Victor and Victoria’s marriage depends on the mutual needs of the two families, just as the bride’s parents said, the wedding is a transaction, each gets what he wants, cold and realistic, the rich fish merchant needs a decent title, while the poor noble needs money from people they don’t care about

The two of them come from a cold and monotonous world, where everyone is as monotonous and black and white as this world. In the movie, the picture of the world is cold, wet and black and white without light. Even the music and the living people are like the walking dead, and some of them just use and intrigue. A man named Victor and a woman named Victoria find each other in this cold wedding. However, in fact, this is not love, but more understanding and respect. Victor and Victoria are not suitable for each other. They have so little common topics, spend so little time together, and have so little dialogue.

On second thought, they do. It’s just

One, in the cold world together snuggle warm mutual love

However, Victor and Emily’s marriage did not happen strictly speaking. The first time was a vow that Emily mistakenly said to herself, and the second time was a wedding that did not go on at the end. It was very regrettable, but now it is normal to reflect on it.

Emily is from the ghost, the ghost in the movie is colorful and gorgeous. All the ghosts here can sing and dance, and are as passionate as fire. The ghost world is sentient, and the dead are carefree, unattached, not worried about fame and wealth, and do not ask for entanglements.

Emily is a rotten spirit from such a world; she is simple, kind, lively, and even, to the point of ignorance

She could be foolishly in love with Victor’s beautiful oath. She could be foolishly in love with a man who was deceived by a man who only wanted money and abandoned him to death. After that, she could foolishly believe that Victor, who tricked her into coming to earth, would pick her up again under the tree. To return Victor to his true wife

Emily’s simplicity is like a fairy coming out of the grave, which makes people hard to deceive and hurt. However, in the movie, she is hurt again and again.

She is lively and lovely. She can play the piano with Victor, walk the dog with Victor, take adventures and sing with Victor. However, the noble lady in the boudoir like Victoria can’t bring her to him.

So essentially, Emily is better for him, except maybe she’s dead, and like Victor said, in another situation, they might actually be the perfect couple

However, they are not, Emily has died, in the end, she said, her own dream is to be a beautiful bride, her own dream was taken away, how can she have the heart to take away others’ dream.

Emily is finally kind, even though she once resented Victoria and even wanted to possess Victor, kill him and stay with him.

But she still can’t do it, she can’t bear to take away Victor, because she knows that the real wife is his, and she can’t kill Victor, because

She really loves him

The power of the oath is still great

When someone would risk their life to obey

In the end, Victor still chooses to drink the poisoned wine and marry Emily, but Emily still stops him. He gave Victor to his earthly wife

In fact, Victor resolutely chose to raise his glass at that moment. No matter whether he loved her or not, the vow had been realized. Emily was the most beautiful bride that night, and she did not need Victor to drink the poisoned wine

Her obsession with marriage, her obsession with love, had been satisfied.

Even if the satisfaction is illusory,

The broken but still aching heart that had been buried in the grave for years no longer hurt

Emily turns into a butterfly; she turns into a million butterflies and flies to the moon,

She is the most beautiful bride, even though, throughout the film, no man ever loves her.

A lot of people don’t understand why Victor is still with Victoria and abandon Emily like this. Many people don’t even like Victoria

But the truth is, Tim set the ending like this, and it was perfect

Because, the living really, only with the living

There is the possibility of happiness, although, it is only possible

As for those who said that Victor was with both brides, or that the brides were together at all

I can only respect your magnificent imaginative world.


A good film is always worthy of praise

The eternal topic of love, in the movie dream machine

And will shine forever

We are all at our most vital

We should also cherish the people around us more

Love while you live



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