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“Five Centimeters per Second” film review — lonely, artless and full of regret at the beginning

The second speed of 5 cm is really a very famous animation, I believe most people know. Some people like fresh sentences with small emotions, some people marvel at the high simulation and exquisite picture, some people for one section of missed love and regret.

“Five Centimeters per Second” is an animated film full of grief and sadness,

No matter the picture, music or story is filled with a layer of faint sadness

The exquisite background that allows each frame to be used as a computer desk is his most distinctive feature, coupled with the sad and beautiful music that gives his films their touching power.

The story uses a special structure of three-act drama to show us respectively the descriptions of the pure love of Kyushu and Mangle’s childhood, adolescence and then youth.

The painting style and scenes of Makoto Sinai are the biggest characteristics of Makoto Sinai’s films and one of the reasons why I like Makoto Sinai. The treatment of scenery and objects, light and shadow, as well as the highlight treatment of real objects or realistic scenes, makes both the story and the picture filled with a strong sense of aesthetic

The most touching is the sad and true love story depicted in the brilliant poem

This film has too much of Sinai’s strong personal style, poetic, scattered, emotional, many people after watching only one feeling — beauty.

In particular, the lines and narration in the movie are beautifully written like an essay. The film moves forward in layers of poetic images, progressing in the slow monologue of the inner self of Tao, making the viewer imagine the cherry blossoms of April falling slowly in the wind in spring, with the gentle voice in his mind echoing: “Oh, your tree, and the cherry petals falling at the speed of 5 centimeters per second…..”

First love is not only a memory so simple, also not a “beautiful” or “pure” can be summarized.

The childhood Kush can ignore the distance in order to see his sweetheart, braving the wind and snow on the train,

The only thing the naive Kyushu thinks about is whether the train delay will cause him to be late, which is pure and beautiful;

The shy and reserved boy could not contact him,

But he believed that he could perceive his own existence and thoughts in the distant light, dim and artless

The first love of childhood is so pure like a blank SLATE,

But time does not slow down, the seasons keep changing, and the distance between you and me is getting farther and farther.

Childhood pure and childish emotions, as different middle schools, separated by the train, gradually far away

Young noble tree still cannot give up the missing for Mingle,

Time with bright malice, from me slowly flows; I know that in the future, we can’t walk together.

There was nothing we could do about the fact that life was so eventful, and that time stood between us.

Even if you send a thousand messages, the distance between the heart and the heart has never been closer to a centimeter.

At this moment, the real life filled me with contradictions, and the amazing feeling of passing by Mingle suddenly passed away.

Back to the two people are separated by a speeding train, reality is always so funny.

Childhood train brought them together, but now the train separates the two backs,

Maybe the first love encounter is too short to realize, but when we wake up, maybe we are enjoying the happiness, but we only return to the dream of 13 years old will find the most precious emotion in life.

So what they can do in the middle of the crowd is keep revisiting that cherry tree in their minds.

No matter how deep the past is, the past is still the past

How far is the distance between heart and heart? Is the blue sky floating white clouds, the breeze smell of flowers, is not unreachable. And this feeling is just under the brow, but in my heart everywhere you!

People’s life, walk, pass by, love, hate, pain, hurt, cry, laugh, miss. But who can forget

The more grow up the more lonely, grow up may lose the innocence of childhood

They are both afraid of change, they still feel the same way about each other as they did when they were 13, and they only have memories of each other when they were 13.

Of course, this “simplicity” is not just the maturity of thought and cognition.

Childhood GUI tree and Ming Li are really like each other.

The cherry blossoms fall at a rate of only five centimeters per second, but over the course of 13 years,

Two hearts from close, to become the most distant distance on Earth – from the South Pole to the North Pole

Rocket and cherry blossom represent the psychological description of the protagonists

When the cherry blossom falls, I know that I am not alone. When the rocket enters the universe, I know that someone will remember him and miss him.

Although it is only the persistence of the soul, but the reality because of this persistence and agile

This is love, the love of GUI Shoo and Ming Li, but also buried deep in the heart of everyone’s pure emotion.

If the falling petals and branches and leaves are compared to a pair of lovers, when the petals do not all do not drift quietly with the wind, in the moment of leaving petals should be how reluctant, do not keep looking back at the branches and leaves, branches and leaves try to stretch out its hands, want to go beyond the five centimeter distance to try to retain, but she and he could not cross the passage of time, every five centimeter space distance, Can only leave silent regret

Just like the hesitation and struggle of GUI Shoo and Ming Li’s heart cannot be said in the letter, the letter can only say something irrelevant. And put a distance between them

Just like a line in the movie even if you send a thousand text messages, the distance between the heart and the heart will not be closer than one centimeter

First love is always difficult to give up, and the memories are always hidden in my heart

So even though they have an emotion of their own,

Even with a ring on the ring finger, they can’t let go of missing and caring for each other.

Sinai’s handling of the emotional drama and the control of the plot will be deeply impressed by the audience

Finally, the train did not know which direction to take, and there was no proper number to receive the message.

Even passing by will be because of the train and miss each other long lost.

Cherry blossom beauty but only a short flowering, snow pure and immaculate but cold merciless

Is the cherry blossom falling speed, again is eternal moment.

Looking up at the same sky but looking at different places. Within five centimeters of a second, they found each other and missed each other.

In one moment, I knew the meaning of forever, heart and soul, and I felt so strong that I wanted to share with her all that I had experienced for 13 years, and then in the next moment, I was overwhelmed with sadness, because I didn’t know how to cherish the warmth of the light, I didn’t know where to take her soul, and I knew, There was no guarantee that we would be together forever. There was a heavy life and a long time ahead of us

I know clearly that there is no guarantee that we will always be together in the future. There is a heavy life and a long time ahead of us. It is daunting.

Because you can’t go back to what you missed

It’s like a dream I had last night

A dream from a long time ago

In the dream, we were 13 years old

There was a large courtyard covered with snow

The light of the house was so far away that it could only be seen faintly

On the fresh snow that was piling up

Only the footprints that we walk through

One day we can enjoy the cherry blossoms again

Neither he nor I hesitated

Look forward to it.”

The so-called dependence and companionship, in fact, is separated, heart and heart or snuggle together,

The so-called hand in hand life, is to loosen the hand, the heart began to worry about each other.

What is eternal in the world, but some is yearning for a better heart.


Sinai’s stories are always plain, which is why Sinai has been criticized

But he had the power to make these seemingly mundane stories,

It hits one of the softest places in your heart.

It is like the loneliness of the protagonist in the movie, who is unable to get closer to his or her heart despite exchanging many text messages

You can’t change the fate of loneliness, just like you can’t change the cherry blossom will eventually fall away, as if the whole body with bones immersed in ice water.

In the first sentence, I feel very sympathetic to the psychological description of your tree, as if I was forced to stay in the empty wasteland, time with obvious malice and cruelty flowing slowly from the top of my head, tightening my collar, as if waiting for something. So much for life, with its numbing rush and its fleeting pleasures like four-minute encounters in the movies.

Perhaps its significance lies in this, even if only a moment of gorgeous, but also to endure long cold silence.

Also have to let a person sigh that first love and beautiful things are so short, happiness is so fragile, difficult to reach, just like the stars in the sky as illusory, like the ticket to the cherry blossom as difficult to fleeting

As long as people are still alive will miss, or regret, there will be lost, to learn to get used to losing

Even if the reunion, the time cannot go back, the childhood of that beautiful days cannot be reproduced, and the two people’s awkward reunion, rather than their childhood memories of good emotions buried deep in the heart, retain that rare pure memory, then set foot on their own life road, continue to look for a happy life in the future, face the future

And how many four minutes are there in a person’s life?

Five centimeters of second speed, cherry blossom completed a beautiful encounter

The movie is over. Our lives go on. I hope the incomplete youth can become the courage of life, support us to love a person, firmly chase their own direction. Subtle sadness and subtle loneliness seem to be dissipated in your tree and bright smile after passing by, the kind of belated relief as if we see a new future; the memory of regret is not a kind of incomplete beauty?


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