• May 29, 2024

About Time Traveling Girl

Bonnie recommended on the blog “through time girl”, to download online, very lovely story, young girls get through time and space ability, feel fun, on the endless toss, a little bit of shit is not satisfied with the past to correct it, but it is correct, and do not know where to correct, what is right, In short, one after another must get things right, for just and friends to be forever “friends”, no one is dating, no one is leaving each other.

It’s really a pity to waste super powers like this, but only the simplest people have the youthful, passionate and competitive spirit to let things go according to their own ideas. In the story, the red-haired boy from the future came back to the present just to see a painting. Compared with those who go back to the Tang Dynasty and pre-Qin Dynasty at every turn, the guy who changed history, I prefer this reason, history matters to history, and I just walk through the corridor of time and space, look at your face.

The mountain is high and the water is long. In Zhen Qin constantly back to the past, my mind has been thinking, but Pinna Room this signature. When I was two or three years out of college, I went back to campus with a friend and we were walking along the familiar mall. I saw the boys and girls coming towards us. I told my friend that if I were in school now, I would be doing a lot of things very well. The friend said, “But in the past, you still don’t know what you know now, so you are sure to make the same mistakes.

I have always remembered my friend’s words. I realized early on the fallacy of such an idea, and in the days that followed, I rarely mentioned “If only…” Such propositions, human beings have always been so like to compete with time, in their own woven stories, because they are dissatisfied with the present and the future ambition, they go back to the past again and again, with the attitude of the prophet, change everything, solve everything. However, there is always a problem that cannot be solved in all the stories about time travel, that is, people can’t cross two rivers at the same time. Even if you want to reach it with any technological situation, it is only your body that can go back to the past, and your heart, it is determined to go forward forever, to grow old and die, but can never go back to the past.

Just because a friend breaks the original positioning of “friend” by expressing his feelings to him, he has to go back to the past again and again, change everything and let everything back to its original place. The young heart always wants to grasp everything, but after destroying his “love” again and again, he finds that he is in love with him, and her heart has not returned to the original. Have the opportunity to move forward, look back, and see a true self.

Youth is so simple and beautiful, but it is so arrogant and ignorant. Escape what is going to happen, escape to the past, change everything, and then come back when everything is different, through time and space so charming, because many people’s hearts too want to escape reality, too hope to get something for nothing, always want to go back to the past, change a mistake, come back again, it is OK.

If only If only… This is how weak and shallow fantasy ah, your heart, through thousands of mountains and rivers, come to today, it is impossible to turn back, if you just want to change everything, then this heart, you do with it? What do you do when you can really go back in time to find the dream of youth, only to find that your heart is old and it has changed?

Sometimes, immortality is not happiness. Nothing need to change, let the come, let the body and the heart go forward together, if there is really a let me have the ability to go back to the past, I may also like thousands of Zhao, walk through the corridor of time and space, nothing to change, just, to see a painting, to see a flower opening, or, to see the boy who once loved the face. Hold hands with him and go to see the sea together.

All this is enough.


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